The Eagle is an earthwork built in spring of 2015.  It is a meditation path with bridges, shrines and terraced platforms, that winds its way down a ravine, across a creek, and up a mountainside above Mandeville Canyon.  The project began with two "nests" perched on the hilltop.  The nest came in, while devising a method to build my own Macchu Picchu.  I discovered this woven wood form, which led me to discover an entire natural building technique through it.  The nests are terraces--geometric and curvalinear earthen extensions of the mountainside, supported by large woven walls of wood and stone.  Using only native wood gathered on site, these woven walls are lined with stone and then filled with soil to create substantial, level & usable terrain on the mountainside.  
Once these nests were in place, I built the winding path down the mountain using the same woven wood technique.  To keep the path as gentle as possible, I condensed the elevation gain into two staircases.  To accent the path and enhance the meditative experience, I added three shrines, to Buddha, Mary, and Jizo, with adjoining benches.  Since its conception, the path has been used for parties, celebrations and gatherings of all kinds.